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manual transmission additive for noise

Password Forgot Password? Join Us! Join Date: Mar Posts: Manual Transmission Noise. Similar to the post CMS made back in but not quite the same very much different results but Noise from his post is similar to mine. This noise is present in any gear and primarily under MPH. Here is what I have tested Clutch in or out does not matter I am fairly sure its not a clutch issue In or out of gear does not matter, even if I lug 5th down as long as I am under mph Jacked up truck and tested all brakes and wheel bearings nothing found there.

Nothing I can find testing rear end from under the truck. Seems I can make it more prevalent by quickly getting off the gas and leaving it in gear but regardless it will do it. Various times its like those coins or ball bearings in the jar all of a sudden catch for just a second and line up and stop but then right back to it.

The intensity of the sound is the same at 5 mph as it is at 35 mph and engine RPM, gear selection, clutch in out do not make it worse or better. I cannot "feel" anything while it is happening.

There is no grinding feeling, no stumbling, no power loss, no drag, nothing. It has me stumped, I am usually really quick to find issues like this but I have no idea other than I think its in the tranny. Unfortunately I am not in a position to tear it down without kind of having a direction to go because I have to get it back together again quickly. Any help you all can provide or insight into the issue. I search through 20 pages of manual tranny posts and didn't find but the one that was similar.

Hopefully someone has experienced this and knows where to point me. Build Thread for vehicle below 4. Join Date: Sep Re: Manual Transmission Noise.Sooner or later, you are going to face some issues with your gearbox. Shudder, inefficient temperature distribution, rough shifting, and other similar problems should be dealt with as soon as possible: Having a smooth transmission is not only convenient, important, and unobtrusive, but also safe for the car and, most importantly, you.

Instead of replacing the gearbox, though, you could go the much easier and affordable route and buy a transmission additive.

But in most cases, additives should be enough. If a transmission additive sounds like a thing you may need, then our reviews of best brands will surely be of great interest to you! Prolong Super Lubricants PSL additive definitely does work with both automatic and manual transmissions. This additive works by producing molecules that interact with metal surfaces, creating a protective layer to reduce friction and heat within the transmission.

Overall, this additive should be able to smooth out manual shifters and make automatic transmissions more responsive. Packing 8 ounces of additive, this product is pretty pricey, so getting a few packs could cost you quite a bit. However, if you choose this additive, it should deliver great results. If you have shuddering issues with your automatic transmission, then Lubegard Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx could be the right solution for you.

This additive is specifically designed to eliminate torque converter lock-up shudder. In addition, Lubegard says that the Shudder Fixx reduces wear by up to four times compared to regular ATF transmission additives. This Lubegard transmission additive is more about heat protection, though it is also formulated to soften hard shifts and reduce shudder and chatter. This additive deals with transmission fluid foaming and oxidation, reducing wear and elevated temperatures.

If you have issues with cooling in your gearbox, you may want to take a good look at Lubegard Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant. Lucas Transmission Fix is a highly praised transmission additive for its good balance between price and performance. Aside from that, at a very attractive price, you receive 24 ounces of the additive. Help to fix a slipping transmission problem.

Sea Foam TT is a bit more than a mere transmission additive. This product is also formulated to work with hydraulic and power steering systems, which could allow you to treat other problems your car might have. The Trans Tune Transmission Additive could be a good option if excess moisture is an issue for you, since this additive is formulated to remove that. This product is meant to magnetically bond the metal components inside the transmission in order to reduce friction and wear.

This additive actually includes two solutions: After pouring them into the transmission, you should expect reduced noise, no leaks, no slipping, and no lazy shifts. Aside from that, the additive should help take care of the seals and O-rings in your automatic transmission.

The price of this additive is also a good advantage. Just bear in mind that this additive is only designed for automatic transmissions. Aside from putting the transmission back on track, Liqui Moly ATF Additive could also help you improve the power steering of your vehicle.

If you have some issues with both the steering and transmission, this additive could be the best choice for you. All in all, what this additive should do is regenerate and clean the seals in power-steering systems and transmissions, damp down the shifting, in addition to protecting the components. Unlike the transmission additive products we reviewed previously, Liqui Moly ATF Additive is more of a paste than liquid.

This fact makes this product a bit easier to use, by not creating any mixing issues. As you would expect, the ATF Additive is formulated for automatic transmissions only, so keep that in mind.

manual transmission additive for noise

The very first difference that catches the eye is the fact that it comes in a syringe. Using the additive with a syringe should be much more convenient and easy than using bottled additives.


This product is fairly expensive as well. Given that, you should expect pretty good performance from the Atomic Conditioner.

manual transmission additive for noise

All in all, it is formulated to restore surfaces and protect them from friction and wear, which should both increase the performance and also increase the lifespan of the gearbox.Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

You can hear the engine speeds change, but you cant feel the shifts and no its not slipping.

What additive for the transmission to choose?

With that out of the way, I took ownership of my Pontiac 9 years ago. The day I took possession from grandma the transmission has had a "whine" in first gear. When it shifts to second, it goes away. I changed the fluid and filter last year and it didnt change it. It has done this for NINE years and has never failed me.

I was told it sounded like the pump was getting weak, but NINE years of driving with this whine, it must last a long time when its weak. Now its getting to where I am annoyed by the sound and wondering if LUCAS transmission additive would help tone this sound down, or is it only good for leaks and slippage, which neither are things this tranny does.

It dont slip or leak, only has the whine. Wondering if its a waste of money for the Lucas or should I live with the whine from gear? Omaha Rocks. Location: I think my user name clarifies that. I really like the Lucas additives.

The tranny stuff certainly isn't going to hurt anything, but I have my doubts as to it quieting down your first gear. Lucas is good for the valve body anyway and will help to boost pressure in the clutch packs so it's not a waste of money.

Your whine is likely the planetary gears in the transmission--GM is in famous for this. My Caddy whines so loud people turn their head but, like your 9 year noise, shifts perfect and it's a lot of work or money to tear it down just so it won't whine.

I'd drive it till the tranny actually starts to slip or have shifting issues and then build it with new planetaries. And turn up your radio until then. I should have been more specific to your question--Lucas will not silence your whine if it is the planetary gears. A good power flush that replaces all the fluid would probably do wonders.

A slight first gear whine is normal. I wouldn't worry about it unless it seems excessively loud or gets worse. Thanks everyone.

Yes, Teach! I couldnt remember, but that jogged my memory. Yeah, nine years ago, he said it should be OK and I went to the Pontiac site and they said it would be OK for awhile, but I never dreamed it would be nine years fine. I never had this "whine" on any of my other GMs with the turbobut I have heard of it on others. Yeah, I am guessing since its still shifting as smooth as butter, I will live with the noise for now. I am currently using it as my work car which is alot of in-town driving, but its about to become a "cruise-in" car again, which is on Sat nights only and the one I go to is 22 miles away and its mostly all highway and mostly all rural driving, so there is not much stop and go Thanks again!

Originally Posted by teach My GM is back from the body shop after I rear-ended someone. The entire front part of the car had to be fixed.

Best Transmission Additives: Restore Your Transmission’s Health for Smoother Performance

Now I am noticing a slight "whine" in the transmission when I start off. I didn't notice it before the accident so my question is, would the accident affect the transmission in any way?The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Read more. More often than not, these issues can be due to the lack of proper transmission fluid. Instead, you can go for a much simpler and affordable option and shop for the best transmission additive. It is not designed for manual transmission systems. It's expensive compared to other additives in its range.

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL additive is one of the best and most popular transmission additives on the market. This transmission additive can be used for both manual and automatic transmission systems. Prolong Super Lubricant works by producing molecules that interact with metal surfaces.

These molecules create a protective layer that reduces heat and friction within the transmission system.

Why Does my Manual Transmission Grind?

The PSL promotes smooth and responsive gear changes, and it is suitable for both high- and low-mileage vehicles. A single 8-ounce bottle of Prolong Super Lubricants Transmission Additive will treat a complete transmission.

A drawback to this product is that it has not been designed to work with CVT transmission systems. Lucas Lubricants produce some of the best additives on the market that have a reputation for great results. The Lucas LUC is a relatively new product on the market but still offers amazing performance and is highly recommended for transmission problems, such as slipping transmission, leakages, and hard shifting issues.

It offers the perfect balance between price and performance. The LUC is a percent solvent-free formula that has been designed to prevent foaming. It also helps lower the operating temperature of the fluid, stopping seal leaks. You can use this formula to revitalize old or worn-out transmission fluid—there is no need for draining.

It can be used for multiple treatments.Got car issues? Well, we've got the answers! Easily search thousands of entries to find exactly what you're looking for. Need advice on a dealing with a blown head gasket? Oil Leak? Cracked block or leaking radiator? Be sure to leave a comment or question on anything that may interest you. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance! Having a manual transmission in your vehicle used to be relatively common. They were more robust, cost less when they were new, and usually allowed your vehicle to get a few more miles per gallon.

Today fewer and fewer cars are being purchased with a manual transmission. For a great read on the trends of vehicle manufacturers and manual transmissions, check this Fox News article on how manual transmissions are getting rarer.

For the real driving enthusiast, there is no substitute for a manual transmission. The reality is, both gear boxes do so in very different ways. One of the main differences between how an automatic and manual transmission function is the use of a torque converter vs a clutch. Most automatic transmissions use a torque converter to transfer power from the engine to the transmission.

A torque converter is a fluid coupling that uses two spinning disks with fluid in between to transfer momentum. The other main difference is how your transmission selects the gear ratio. Besides the obvious difference of an automatic transmission being controlled mechanically or by a computer, it changes gear ratios through a series of clutches and bands rather than shift forks and collars. Similarly, this method of changing gear ratios produces a smooth transmission between gears.

Due to its design, a manual transmission is a much more precise and distinct system for selecting gear ratios and connecting them to the engine and wheels. When you shift from one gear to the next you are coupling those gears to the input and output shafts of your transmission making a quick and sure gear ratio change.

As you move your shift lever into gear it is sliding a collar over the end of a gear. The collar is connected to the input shaft in your transmission so once it engages the gear, that gear is also. The grinding sound you hear is that collar colliding with the end of the gear if it is spinning at a faster or slower speed than the shaft in your transmission. Modern transmissions minimize this grinding by adding a synchronizer ring before the gear that helps get the collar and input shaft up to speed during a shift.

Since the shift collar slides on the synchronizer on every shift, this could simply be an indication that your synchronizers are simply worn out and in need of replacement. To quickly and easily seal the leak, simply add BlueDevil Transmission Sealer along with enough transmission fluid to get the level back to where it should be.Bet365 pride themselves for offering the most markets on more sports than anyone else and even a cursory look at their website shows offerings from horse racing and football to the more unusual sports such as darts and cycling.

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